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footballportugal is a review, updated on a regular basis, of what's happening in Portuguese football. Information is taken from various sources including Portuguese sports and generalist newspapers, magazines, TV, the Internet and first hand.

footballportugal is a not-for-profit venture. For any issues regarding copyright, please contact footballportugal.

footballportugal was devised and is maintained by a reporter/ correspondent/ contributor/ consultant on Portuguese football who has worked for/contributed to:

Associated Press (Lisbon)
When Saturday Comes (British alternative football magazine)
onetouchfootball - world wide watch (Alternative football website)
BBC Radio 5
('Fans United')
The Guardian
Sud Deutsche Zeitung
Anglo Portuguese News
Time Out
(Guide to Lisbon)
Extra Football (International football website)
Match Magazine
The British Council
The British Embassy
True Faith (Newcastle United fanzine)
'Barcelona Here We Come' (Book - Rangers, 1972)
William Hill podcast (World Cup 2014)






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