did you know ...?


... that the biggest win in the Portuguese top flight was Sporting's 14-0 thrashing of Leça in the 1941-42 season. Sporting legend Peyroteo got nine goals!

... that Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugal's top scorer at national team level with 89 goals? (as at 07/09/19). He took the record from Pauleta, who scored 42 goals in his international career. The legendary Eusébio scored 41. Nené is the fourth top scorer with 22.

... that Portugal's win at EURO 2016 was their best performance ever in a major tournament? They appeared in the final of Euro 2004 (which they lost to Greece) and have reached the semi-finals on five occasions: in the World Cup they lost to England in 1966 and to France in 2006; in the European Championship, they lost to France in 1984 and 2000 and to Spain in 2012.

... that Benfica (see below) is the only club to have gone the whole season in the league without defeat? ... they won 28 out of 30, and drew two, in the 72/73 season under Jimmy Hagan. Eusébio won the European Golden Boot with his 40 goals in what was his penultimate season as a Benfica player. The team scored 101 goals, breaking 100 for only the second time in their history.

... that the record for the longest run of straight league wins belongs to Benfica? They won 23 on the trot in the 72/73 season under Jimmy Hagan, in a season in which they only dropped two points with two away draws (at FC Porto and Atlético). The next best record is held by Sporting, 16 wins in the 46/47 season, when the cinco violinos helped the Lions to 16 straight wins under Robert Kelly. FC Porto managed 13 wins under José Mourinho in the 2002/2003 season.

... that FC Porto's biggest defeat of local rivals Boavista was in the 1953/54 season? Boavista took the lead but then shipped nine!

... that the only player to have represented all five clubs that have ever won the Portuguese league title (Benfica, Sporting, FC Porto, Belenenses and Boavista) is Fernando Mendes?

... that one of the nicknames of Académica is Os Estudantes, and that their kit is all-black? There is a famous university in Coimbra (Académica's home town) and the students there typically wear black gowns.

... that FC Porto have not been out of the top three in the Liga since the 1975/76 season, when they were fourth?

... that Sporting's first European game was against Partizan Belgrade on September 4th, 1955 in the then Inter Cities Fairs Cup.

... that Mário Jardel was top scorer in the Primeira for the fifth time (FC Porto x4, Sporting x1) in the 2001/02 season. Other players who have been top scorer five times or more are: Peyroteo (Sporting, '30s and '40s), Águas (Benfica, '50s and '60s) and Gomes (FC Porto, '70s and '80s)

... that goalkeeper Moreira became the youngest ´keeper ever to play for Benfica when he came on as sub for the injured Robert Enke in the 0-0 home draw against Vitória de Guimarães 03/11/01. José Moreira was just 19.

... that former Benfica keeper Robert Enke committed suicide in November 2009.

... that a bad goalkeeping mistake (letting the ball slip through your hands, through your legs, etc.) is called 'a chicken' in Portugal? The full expression is cometer um frango ('to commit a chicken')

... that when Boavista play well or get a good result, they are referred to as Boavistão ('Mighty Boavista')?

... that Luís Figo's full name is Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo?

... that two Portuguese clubs have won European Cups?: Benfica twice (1960/61 and 61/62) and FC Porto twice (1986/87 and 2003/04).

... that the player who was top scorer in Portugal the second greatest number of times (after Eusébio, of course) was Fernando Gomes of FC Porto, six times between 1975 and 1985?

... that the country Portugal has played the most times at international level is Spain?

... that supporters of clubs who pay annual (or monthly) fees are called sócios?

... that Sporting's main claque (fan group) is called Juventude Leonina ('Lion Youth'), or Juve Leo for short?

... that one of Sporting Braga’s nicknames is 'Os Arsenalistas' because of their shirts - red with white sleeves?

... that Eusébio played 715 games for Benfica?

... that the nickname of Boavista is As Panteras ('The Panthers')? They are also sometimes called Os Axadrezados ('The Chequereds') because of their chequered shirts.

... that the southernmost club in the Liga (2019/20) is Marítimo ... from the island of Madeira?

... that the westernmost club in the Liga (2019/20) is Santa Clara ... from the Azores archipelago.

... that the oldest club in the Liga is FC Porto? It was founded in 1893.

... that the name of Benfica's biggest and most militant claque (fan group) is 'The No Name Boys' (with the 'N's reversed)?

... that Eusébio (Benfica) was the top scorer in Portugal seven times, five times in a row between 1963 and 1968? Fernando Gomes (FC Porto) was top six times in the late seventies/ early eighties.

... that the adjective for clubs normally has an -ista (pronounced like 'Easter') on the end, so we get Benfiquista, Sportinguista, Portista, etc?. This is also the name for the fans of the clubs. There are some exceptions, notably ... Boavisteiro.

... that you pronounce 'Guimarães' (as in 'Vitória de Guimarães') more or less like this?: /gee/ (as in 'geek'; /mer/ (as in murder); /ine/ (as in pine); /sh/ (as in 'sh'). so, it's /gee-mer-ine-sh/ (with the emphasis on the third syllable)

... that Eusébio's full name was Eusébio da Silva Ferreira?

... that Portugal has three national daily sports papers? They are A Bola and Record (published from the south) and O Jogo (published from the north)

... that Sporting Lisbon's official name is actually Sporting Clube de Portugal?

... that Benfica's official name is actually Sport Lisboa e Benfica?

... that the nicknames of the so-called Três Grandes ('The Big Three') of Benfica, Sporting and Porto, are respectively As Águias ('The Eagles'), Os Leões ('The Lions') and Os Dragões ('The Dragons')?

... that only two clubs, apart from 'The Big Three' of Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting, have ever won the league championship in Portugal? These were Belenenses in the 1945-46 season and Boavista in the 2000-01 season


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