phrase book


A collection of useful (and, be careful, sometimes dangerous) Portuguese expressions that you may be able to use when you come to Portugal to see some bola.

Pronunciations are very approximate.
Underlined syllables indicate where the em
phasis lies in the word.

uma ala - /oo me(r) ah le(r)/ a winger
o árbitro - /oo ah bee troo/ the referee; (see also filho da puta)
um avançado - /av ants a(r) doo/ a forward
a baliza - /bah lee zah/ the goal
um bilhete - /beel yet/ a ticket
a bola - /bo(r) lah/ football, the game and the round thing, so jogar à bola is 'to play football'
um caceteiro - /kah si(r) tay roo/ - a clogger
um candongueiro - /can don gay roo/ a ticket tout (see also filho da puta)
um canto - /can too/ a corner
um central - /sen tra(r)l/ central defender
uma cerveja - /sir vey zjah/ - a beer
uma chicotada psicogica - /shee koh ta(r) de(r) p'see koh lo(h) jee ke(r)/ 'psychological whipping' - sacking a coach after a bad run of results in an effort to 'refresh' the team psychologically
uma defesa - /de(r) feh zah/ a defender
o esdio - /oo ish ta(r) dyoo/ - the stadium
(uma) falta! - /fahl te(r)/ (a) foul!
faz favor - /fazj favoor/ excuse me (... could you tell me the way to ...)
filho da pu ta - /feel you dah pooter/ 'son of a whore' (equal in strength to 'fucking bastard'); use it very sparingly and only when there's a back exit to the bar...
fora de jogo - /for e(r) de(r) zjoh goo/ offside
um frango - a terrible mistake by a goalkeeper, literally 'a chicken'; the verb is cometer, so Ricardo cometeu um frango ('Ricardo committed a chicken') ... the ball went through his legs, etc, etc. ...
um golo - /go loo/ er ... goal.
um golaço - /go lah soo/ a great goal
uma goleada - /go lee a(r) de(r)/ - a thrashing (3-0 or more)
um guardaredes - /gwah de(r) hey dish/ - a goalkeeper
um lançamento - /lanss ah men too/ - a throw-in
um lateral - /lah te(r) ahl/ a full-back
um dio - /may dee oh/ midfielder
obrigado - /o bree gah doo/ thanks (/dah/ if you're a woman)
penalti - /pen al ti/ a penalty
ponta de lança - /pon te(r) de(r) lansse(r)/ classic centre forward
um pontapé - /pon tah peh/ - a kick
um pontapé de baliza - /pon tah peh de bah lee zah/ a goal kick
um preservativo /pre(r) zer vah tee voo/ a condom
se faz favor - /si(r) fazj favoor/ please
um cio - /so (r)-see-oo/ a fee-paying member of a club. Boavista have 16,000 sócios, Benfica over 100,000.
o treinador - /tray nah door/ the coach
um trinco - / treen koo/ defensive midfielder, sits in front of the back four
um - /oom/ - a, one (a masculine thing)
uma - /oo mah/ - a, one (a feminine thing)
/zj/ - the sound of the 's' in 'pleasure'


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