August 2020

A clip from 2012. Paulo Futre describes to Judite Sousa what he learned at
FC Porto: “I learned to win, I learned about the mystique [of FCP], I learned
the rules, the limits, and I learned - it’s incredible what I’m going to say, but
just to understand the grandeur of FC Porto - how many times a week I had
to make love. A game on Sunday? On Friday and Saturday we couldn’t make
love. The last time was Thursday. So we could make love four times a week.”
(clip in Portuguese)



May 2018

Portuguese oil company Galp produced a video supporting the Seleção and
Portugal: when a French supporter meets a Portuguese fan in a Russian bar and
is asked what he thinks about Portugal the country, his “mais” is heard as “meh”
and the ‘insult’ gets back to Portugal and Rui Patrício & Wiliam Carvalho ...



May 2018

Singer/actress Luciana Abreu invites us to “Jump! Jump!



May 2018

The FPF’s second ‘Conquista o Sonho’ (‘Achieve Your Dream’) video



April 2018

Fernando Santos resembling, like never before, Sid James, in charge of
your Seleção.” (‘Achieve Your Dream’)



April 2017

Estrela da Amadora was a club that spent 16 seasons in the top flight and won
a Taça de Portugal in 1990, but which was declared bankrupt in 2009. Now
re-launched at grass-roots level as Clube Desportivo Estrela, this short feature
(in Portuguese) shows the present and past of the club, with some beautiful shots
of the ground and a poignant moment, at 12.00, when the current president and
diehard fan, António Franca, is asked about the chances of the club returning
to the top flight.



March 2017

Seleção coach Fernando Santos in a (rather creepy) call to arms ahead of
the World Cup qualifier with Hungary at the Luz.



The Portuguese pools: Placard (a game in which you’re never alone ...)



January 2017

Éder scores again. And again. And again ... in lots of different languages.



November 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo gets left home alone, but it all ends happily ...



September 2016

The Liga’s official anthem.



July 2016

Some of the key moments in and around the Seleção’s Paris triumph.



June 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo hands out captain’s arm bands to a variety of folk
to suggest that it will be the country playing the games at EURO 2016, not
just the 11 on the pitch. Oh, and to advertise MEO, the cable TV provider.



May 2016

The Portuguese Football Federations’ official ‘Support the Seleção video.
The idea is to sell 11 million scarves and tie them together in a symbolic
“we’re with you Seleção” gesture. Song sung by Pedro Abrunhosa.



April 2016

João Moutinho plays football in the garden with his brothers. His eldest
brother goes to McD*nald’s and brings back some boxed meals - which give
you the chance of winning a trip to EURO 2016. There’s no box for João.
He pouts: “What about me?” His brother: “For you, nothing - you’re already
there!” [at EURO 2016]



A video from November 2015: Cristiano Ronaldo is a guest on the TV show
of British host Jonathan Ross
... and comes over rather well.



March 2016

André André, William Carvalho, Danilo Pereira and João Mário show off
Portugal’s first strip for EURO 2016.



January 2016

A series of TV ads for the beer Sagres, a sponsor of the Liga. The campaign:
“We Are Sagres” hinges on the idea that watching football with friends is more
fun than on your own. In each ad there are two scenes: the first “on your own”,
the second “with friends”


1. “The goal on your own ... the goal with friends.”
2. “The journey on your own ... the journey with friends.”
3. “The sending-off on your own ... the sending-off with friends.”

(In the last one, the fan shouts “Expulsão!” [sending-off] at the screen ...
his deaf gran responds: “Queres um empadão!?” [You want a pie?])


December 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo spends time at some friends’. The wife is rattling pots
and pans in the kitchen, asks for help to open a jar. CR: “Eu estou aqui!”
(‘I’m here!’) (MEO - TV & telecommunications)



Paulo Futre (Sporting, FC Porto, [Atlético Madrid], Benfica) tries to start his
‘motor’ ... but he needs Libidium, because “The motor always starts first time
with Libidium



Some kids bake a chocolate football, kick it into the Dragão stadium,
which turns into chocolate ... (FC Portos’ Christmas videocard.)



(29/12/15) Manuel Machado, coach of Madeiran minnows Nacional,
tells it like it is after the Big Three (Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting) announced
media deals worth over 400 million euros each. (translation underneath)


“What happens in football is no different from what happens in other areas of activity
in our country. The statistics show it – the great fortunes increase and the great
majority of the population have more and more difficulties. So when all the means
are channelled to few people or few entities, in this case, it’s obvious that nothing’s
left for the others. I think that this chasm that’s opening up wider and wider doesn’t
benefit football or the development of the sport. I saw a fantastic game a couple of
weeks ago. I’m referring to the game between Braga and Sporting, 4-3 I think.
A balanced game – when two teams’ players are balanced out, the spectacle is
fantastic. And fantastic spectacle sells. It attracts people to the stadiums, it attracts
sponsors. But the thinking in football isn’t this; it’s to channel the means almost
entirely towards the Big Three [FC Porto, Benfica; Sporting], leaving crumbs for
all the rest. And then you have imbalance, the spectacle gets poorer because there’s
a direct relation in the teams between price and the quality they have – that’s very
clear, isn’t it? And that’s why what happens in the big leagues like the English, Italian,
Spanish, German is not the path we take. I can’t see anyone sorting this out. There’s
no body within football that’s been able to. Either someone who’s responsible for
sport in Portugal acts as a moderator – because the big clubs in Portugal deserve
more than the others, that’s obvious – or else our football is going to have a wider
and wider chasm between the Big Three and the rest – which are background music,
no more than that.”



Portugal v France, Euro 1984, semi-final. Jordão (wearing no. 3 ...) heads
the equaliser to take the game to extra-time. He’d get a second in the added period,
but France would go on to win 3-2 in a classic of great football and drama. Highlights
here for Portugal: Jordão, Chalana and ‘keeper Bento. For France, Platini, when
he was magical ...

Portugal v France 1984


Boavista winger Martelinho beats Sporting ‘keeper Peter Schmeichel to give
Boavista a 1-0 win at a half-built Bessa XXI, and a clear passage to the 2000/2001
title. Boavista are the only team outside the Big Three, apart from Belenenses (1946),
to win the championship.



England 0-0 Portugal at Wembley, 20/11/74, European Championship, with
keeper Vítor Damas pulling off a Gordon Banksesque save to keep
Dave Thomas out.




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